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David Bianchi Fighting for Parents of Hit-&-Run Victim


On December 6, 2017, Marcos Antonio Gonzalez-Balboa, a personal injury lawyer, allegedly struck and killed 26-year-old Tatum Halloway, and then left her in a gutter in an attempt to flee the scene. Mr. Gonzalez-Balboa is rightfully facing multiple felony allegations for his alleged actions—both for the death of Ms. Halloway and his callous decision to flee the scene.

Today, we announce that Ms. Halloway’s father and mother have filed a claim to hold the accused accountable to the victim’s family—in addition to the state of Florida. Their complaint, which Attorneys David Bianchi and Michael Levine will represent (in addition to Paul Schwiep of Coffey Burlington), will give Tatum a voice and will help her family see public justice done in her memory.

As personal injury lawyers, we recognize the importance of facing up to our actions—of facing up to the effects of our choices. Our hope is to give the Halloway family a chance to finally speak up about their family’s loss directly to the man at fault.

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