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STFBC Files Construction Injury Case for Crane Accident Survivor


STFBC has recently taken on the case of a young construction worker who suffered catastrophic injuries in a crane accident, underlining a concerning trend in the booming construction industry of South Florida. 

Our client, working on the sixth floor of a bustling construction site, fell victim to what can only be described as gross negligence. A crane lowering supplies mismanaged a large crate and caused it to strike our client with such force that he was thrown from the building. The impact of the fall resulted in severe, permanent injuries, changing the course of a young life in an instant. 

This incident is not isolated but symptomatic of a larger issue.  

South Florida has witnessed a significant surge in building projects over the past 15 years. With this boom comes an elevated risk of construction accidents, not just for workers but also for pedestrians and nearby vehicles. Unfortunately, in many of these cases, construction workers like our client, who are injured or even killed on the job, find themselves constrained to the limits of workers’ compensation claims. These claims often fail to offer adequate compensation for the magnitude of their losses. 

STFBC’s Fight for Full Compensation 

STFBC is committed to ensuring our client receives the full measure of justice and compensation they deserve. In a landscape where construction companies often prioritize deadlines and profits over safety, our firm stands as a bulwark against such negligence. We refuse to accept a status quo where hazardous working conditions and corner-cutting practices compromise the safety and well-being of workers. 

Our involvement goes beyond advocating for our client’s rights; it’s about sending a resounding message to the construction industry. Negligence and disregard for safety protocols cannot and will not be tolerated. Through litigation, we aim to hold accountable those responsible for creating such dangerous work environments and to spark a much-needed change in industry standards and practices. 

A Call for Safer Work Environments 

The construction boom in South Florida should not come at the cost of human lives and well-being. As we move forward with this case, STFBC is not only fighting for our client but also championing the cause of all workers who face similar risks daily. In representing our client, we are determined to secure a future for him that addresses not just his immediate needs but his lifelong health, given the severity of his injuries. It’s a commitment we make not just as legal professionals but as advocates for safer, more responsible construction practices across South Florida and beyond.