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  • $15.5 Million
    RICO Cases
    DAVID V. GOLIATH SMALL COMPANY AWARDED $15.5 MILLION ARBITRATION AWARD Lifecare International, lnc. v. CD Medical, lnc. Algeria wanted to make kidney dialysis more available to its population. CD Medical, originally owned jointly by Cordis and Dow Chemical, manufactured ...
  • $15 Million
    Birth Injury
    VERDICT FOR PARENTS IN BIRTH INJURY CASE Britt v. various doctors A $15,000,000 settlement was secured for the benefit of our minor client and his parents after he suffers a birth injury due to medical mistakes by nurses and physicians that resulted in a prolong delay in ...
  • $15 Million
    Truck Accidents
    SETTLEMENT FOR WIDOW OF MAN FATALLY STRUCK BY TRUCK Hector Rodriguez and Milay Rodriguez vs. Community Asphalt Corp. and Felix Pineiro 11th Circuit, Miami-Dade County, Florida Hector Rodriguez, age 33, was on his way to work early on the morning of August 1, 2001 when he was ...
  • $14.5 Million
    Pedestrian Accidents
    INSURANCE COMPANY PAYS $14.5 MILLION IN CASE OF CAR HITTING PEDESTRIAN Severely brain injured client recovers $14,500,000 after being struck by a car while walking on the sidewalk. This settlement was paid entirely by the car owner’s insurance companies even though it far ...
  • $14 Million
    Personal Injury
    JURY RETURNS VERDICT FOR PARENTS OF FRATERNITY PLEDGE WHO DIED IN HAZING INCIDENT Meredith v May and Montgomery Fraternity hazing and recruitment rituals are no longer what they used to be. As a result of too many high profile deaths on college campuses over the last 10 ...
  • $12 Million
    Defective Products
    ALARM SYSTEM FAILS TO FUNCTION AS PROMISED Trend Coin, Inc. v. Honeywell, Inc. Circuit Court In And For Miami-Dade County, Florida Gold wasn’t as dear then as it is now, but when Trend Coin’s alarm system failed to work as advertised burglars made off with almost $8 million ...