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Compassionate Representation for Sexual Assault Victims

Sexual assault cases are deeply traumatic and, sadly, the criminal justice system does not always provide for the victims. However, a civil claim may be able to offer an assault victim the closure, justice, and financial compensation they need. With 150+ years of collective experience, we have spent decades representing the victims throughout the country.

Sexual assault civil claims can provide a plaintiff with compensation for:

  • Psychological trauma
  • Emotional counseling
  • Medical treatment
  • Loss of employment or wages
  • Any damages resulting from the assault

Since 1984, Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A. has been committed to serving the needs of the injured, including those injured by sexual assault. Our lean size and limited caseload allows us to focus on your needs, not running an office. It allow us to prepare cases quickly, as more of our time is committed to each case than other law firms could provide. This approach has allowed us to outmaneuver and outwork legal adversaries in hundreds of cases. It has also allowed us to represent clients from across Florida, the country, and the globe—such as Peru, England, Australia, and Indonesia.

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Experience with Sexual Assault Cases

In one of our proudest cases, we successfully obtained justice for a client who was raped at a motel in Key Biscayne. Though her attacker was never found, our investigation found that the sliding glass window into her room had a faulty lock. Even more concerning, the motel owners attempted to fix the lock after the fact to hide their liability. We were able to prove fault on our client's behalf successfully, and the motel eventually settled with us for a confidential sum.

What Clients Have to Say About Our Firm

5 / 5 Stars

"[They] became like family to me, making it very easy to open up and work with under the stress level I was under. They constantly checked on my well-being and diligently worked on my case in a very timely manner without having to constantly deal with me directly while I was going through my healing process. Nonetheless, unlike most large firms, they were ALWAYS available and on-call, as well as continued to provide me with multiple personal ways to contact them during any time of need. They constantly checked-in with updates on my case, keeping me in the loop at all times, all while respecting my privacy as well.

They accepted my trauma as their own and did everything that they could to ensure that I received exactly what I deserved. Not only did they help with my case, David Bianchi even took time out of his busy schedule to come to meet with my students, gave them all his best-selling book and spoke to them about the book, which made a huge impact on each and every student. I would recommend this firm without hesitation because they are certainly the best. They take the word TEAM very seriously, as you truly become a part of a team that becomes family throughout your entire process and beyond. I am completely satisfied with the services I received here. Thanks for everything!"


What If My Attacker Was Found Not Guilty?

Even if your attacker was exonerated (or never caught), a civil claim may still be possible. Criminal law is a different court system from the civil one, so even if a person is found innocent of sexual assault, they can still be found liable for the same incident in a civil trial. That's because the burden of proof for the courts is different. Defendants in criminal cases must be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, which means the evidence must be as certain as possible for a person to be found guilty of the crime. Civil claims, however, are proven based on a "preponderance of evidence." That means the evidence must prove a person's guilt is more convincing or more likely than their innocence. It's a far easier standard to meet, giving victims the chance to obtain justice.

Who Commits Sexual Assault?

Frequently, sexual assault is characterized as something that is done by a stranger or by an employer. However, many people don’t realize that the most common form of sexual assault is between two people are in a relationship or who know each other. No matter who is responsible for your sexual assault, holding them accountable is possible with the help of an attorney.

What Do Sexual Assault Lawsuits Accomplish?

Sexual assault lawsuits accomplish a variety of things. First, they help survivors find the closure they deserve by holding their attacker accountable. Second, they help ensure that the party that committed sexual assault isn’t able harm others. Finally, sexual assault lawsuits help pay for the costs of healthcare—both mental and physical—that survivors deserve to have access to.

Who Else Is Responsible for My Attack?

In cases where the attacker is unable to be found, other factors may allow you to seek justice. For instance, in the case above, we cited negligent security. We are thorough investigators, so if there is anyone at fault, we will discover it.

As a result, it may be possible for you to seek damages from:

  • Hotel or motel owners
  • Private security companies
  • Lock manufacturers
  • Universities or schools
  • Alarm system manufacturers

If you're unsure about whether you have a valid claim, our law firm offers free consultations. It's simply an initial meeting that allows you to tell your story so we can explain your legal rights. If you can pursue a civil sexual assault claim, we'll tell you. If you do not, we'll tell you that as well, freeing you to seek another way of moving forward.

Contact our firm at (305) 770-6335 for a free consultation. Let us determine if you have a viable case and what we can do to pursue justice alongside you.

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