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Alcohol Makes Its Return to Florida State University

Andrew Coffey

Earlier today, it was reported that Florida State University would be allowing alcohol back onto their campus. However, organizations would be given access to alcohol only if the organizers or supervisors underwent risk management training. The Vice President of Student Affairs notified stakeholders of the policy change via email.

Alcohol had been banned from FSU’s campus in November following the hazing death of Andrew Coffey only 5 months ago. President John Thrasher said “Obviously there are things off-campus that we have no control over, but I think we’ve made a point of saying to them ‘Culture’s got to change—you’ve got to help us change it…and if another mistake is made, it’s not going to be good.’”

The decision comes just as two of the individuals involved with Andrew’s tragic death have set court dates to enter guilty pleas. Attorney David Bianchi supports their decision to plea guilty, saying “If they want to try to eventually move on with their lives, they need to take responsibility for what they did.”

As for our impending case against Andrew’s fraternity and the individuals behind his death, we believe civil law is just as vital to holding perpetrators accountable as criminal law. Our fervent hope is for Andrew’s family to obtain justice by every legal means.

For more information, watch the video below: