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Fort Lauderdale Crane Collapse Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured


A crane partially collapsed in Fort Lauderdale during rush hour, killing a construction worker and injuring three bystanders. The crane platform fell from a multistory building on Southeast 3rd Avenue, crushing a car traveling across a downtown bridge. It appears from photos of the scene that the falling debris caused a car collision.

Tragically, one of the construction workers who was working on the crane platform fell, suffering fatal injuries. Drivers of both cars were injured; the driver who was directly hit by the falling platform is in critical condition, CBS reports. A pedestrian on the bridge was also injured.

While it’s still not clear what caused the partial crane collapse, officials say the crane was being moved up one story when the support platform failed. No other structures were affected. Street traffic and boat traffic on the New River near the bridge were both closed.

Legal Perspective on Fort Lauderdale Crane Collapse

Following the recent crane collapse in Fort Lauderdale, Michael Levine, a partner at Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A., discussed the incident's broader implications with the Miami Herald. Michael, an expert in cases like this, highlighted the risks associated with Florida's rapid construction pace and the minimal regulation that governs crane operations in the state.

Michael pointed out the dangers of fast-tracking projects, which can lead to safety compromises.

“We’ve obviously been in this period of rapid overdevelopment throughout South Florida. There’s a ton of cranes that just top the skyline every day. You’ve got people that want to push projects through, move quickly, and that leads to cutting corners," he said.

Michael went on to address the issue of subcontracting practices, where the chain of responsibility for safety protocols becomes diluted, creating confusion on job sites. He also mentioned the challenges faced by workers and their families in seeking justice due to Florida's workers' compensation law, which limits the ability to sue employers for negligence.

Second Fatal Crane Collapse in Florida in Under 2 Years

Our firm has extensive experience representing victims of construction accidents, particularly those involving cranes. Currently, we represent two individuals who were catastrophically injured in crane accidents. In one case, our client was working on the sixth floor of a construction site when a crane improperly hoisted a large crate, destroying a guard rail and forcing our client off the building to plummet six stories. In another case, our client suffered an amputation due to a crane operator's negligence.

While we cannot begin to speculate on what caused this collapse, our firm will be watching closely to learn what might have prevented it from happening—and who needs to take responsibility for it.

If you have questions about your legal options after catastrophic construction accidents, speak with us in free consultation: (305) 770-6335.