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STFBC Files Case Against Restaurant for Exploding Dishwasher

Our firm has filed a premises liability claim against a Florida restaurant after a dishwasher exploded, causing commercial-grade cleaning chemicals to strike our client, burning her face and eyes.

Our client was employed by the state to inspect local restaurants and ensure they complied with mandatory state standards. Part of her job was verifying that the necessary equipment for running a sanitary restaurant worked properly. During a routine inspection, she noticed a commercial dishwasher wasn’t functioning properly and notified management. The restaurant assured our client they would address the issue immediately, so she made plans to return the following day.

Unbeknownst to her, management ‘fixed’ the issue by filling the dishwasher with improper chemicals.

During the follow-up inspection, the dishwasher exploded, inflicting severe chemical burns on our client’s face and eyes. To make matters worse, the restaurant did not have appropriate safety equipment, including eye wash, readily accessible.

We filed suit on behalf of our client to ensure that she is compensated for what happened.