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Attorneys Cain & Bello Give Dram Shop Law Presentation at FJA Seminar


Every year, the Florida Justice Association (FJA) hosts the annual Workhorse Seminar, a four-day workshop to provide Florida attorneys with continuing legal education. Topics at the workshop include vital discussions on ethics, professionalism, and technology, and the presentations are led (and attended) by some of the most renowned trial attorneys and legal experts in Florida and beyond.

This year, Attorneys Stephen Cain and Dax Bello had the honor of presenting on liquor liability law, which is a testament to their experience and knowledge on Florida dram shop litigation. In 2020, our firm represented a worker who was left severely brain-damaged when he was struck by an underage drunk driver who had been served illegally at two different Miami bars. The story was covered by NBC and The Miami Herald, among others.

We're proud of the work our team does providing continuing education to the Florida legal community. Our thanks to Stephen and Dax for their enlightening presentation, and our thanks to the FJA for organizing yet another incredible seminar.