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$2 Million Settlement Reached Despite Massive Legal Challenges

The Daily Business Review published a story on a recent victory from Attorneys Dax Bello and Michael Levine, who obtained a $2 million settlement despite serious legal obstacles. All funds to resolve the claims brought are being paid by or on behalf of Portable Pumping Systems Incorporated.

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In April 2020, Claude Bryant was digging well points as part of a storm mitigation project. These well points were being dug with an excavator, which was positioned directly below powerlines. Portable Pumping and others knew that the well points needed to be dug directly below the lines but failed to ensure the lines were either de-energized or insulated before Bryant started work.

As the work began, an individual operating the excavator refused to continue due to how close the powerlines were to the machine. Unfortunately, the foreperson determined the job could continue and shortly thereafter the excavator touched the powerlines, electrocuting Mr. Bryant who was standing just outside of the machine, resulting in his death. Mr. Bryant was survived by two young daughters.

Overcoming the Limitations of Workers' Compensation

Florida’s workers’ compensation law tilts the scales heavily in favor of employers. Even when an employer does something egregious, it can be nearly impossible to file suit and hold them accountable. Here, however, our firm was able to overcome these challenges and deliver for this family. What happened to Mr. Bryant wasn't a freak accident—it was the predictable outcome of a dangerous, mismanaged job site.

“Despite the challenges posed by the workers’ comp law, we just couldn’t walk away from this family,” said Michael Leviine. “Thankfully we found a way forward to bring them some sense of justice. Cases like this are a reminder of why I became a lawyer in the first place.”