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David Bianchi Appears on ABC 17 to Discuss Santulli Hazing Case

This week, our own David Bianchi appeared on ABC 17 to question why prosecutors haven’t chosen to enforce hazing laws against the fraternity members who hazed Daniel Santulli last October. The lawsuit against Phi Gamma Delta and other defendants was resolved last month, but the criminal case has, for some reason, stalled.

“If you’re not going to enforce the hazing laws in Missouri under these circumstances, then you’re never going to enforce them,” David said to ABC 17. “You might as well just get rid of the law.” According to David, prosecutors have more than enough evidence to charge fraternity members with a Class D felony, but they’ve declined to do so. In fact, only one person has received criminal penalties at all, reports ABC 17.

Daniel Santulli remains in need of 24-hour care and will likely require around-the-clock medical care for the rest of his life. He is unable to communicate, unable to move, and has lost his vision. To us, it is unconscionable that the people who caused these grievous injuries seem to be walking away without being held accountable under the hazing laws of Missouri.

“We’re never going to stop these horrific hazing injuries unless people put their foot down and say ‘enough is enough,’” David said.

Watch the full interview in the ABC 17 report.