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Danny Santulli Hazing Case Featured in Daily Mail Report


The Daily Mail, the largest newspaper in Britain and one of the largest English language newspapers in the world, has published a report on our firm’s efforts to get justice for University of Missouri freshman Daniel Santulli. The story also reported our firm’s recent motion to sue two members of Phi Gamma Delta, whom we believe played an even more egregious role in causing Danny harm.

After we reviewed surveillance footage and the 123-page police report, we learned that one of the Phi Gamma Delta ‘brothers’ targeted Danny for alcohol abuse, and another refused to help him when it was clear that Danny was dangerously intoxicated. The judge recently approved our amended petition to seek damages from these two young men.

“The worst fraternity injury case ever”

Meanwhile, the Santulli family is still wrestling with the reality of Danny’s injuries. Danny is unable to walk, talk, or see; worst of all, as David said to the Daily Mail, it’s unlikely there will ever be any material change.

“This is the worst fraternity hazing injury ever in the US,” David told the Daily Mail. “You can’t be more severely injured and still be alive.”

Danny’s injuries didn’t happen spontaneously. If anyone at Phi Gamma Delta cared about his well-being, it would have been clear to them early in the night that Danny needed help; at the very least, it would have been clear that he shouldn’t be forced to drink alcohol until his BAC reached 6x the legal limit. Danny suffered massive brain damage, the loss of his eye-sight, he cannot walk and cannot communicate in any way. His ‘brothers,’ who had been exploiting and abusing him for weeks, couldn’t be bothered to stop and help him before it was too late.

We’ve held 23 defendants accountable in this case, but the footage we saw made it clear that our work isn’t done. Now, we’re pursuing claims against two other fraternity members as well.

Read the Daily Mail report today to learn more about the Danny Santulli story.