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Nancy Grace & Good Morning America Both Report on Daniel Santulli Hazing Case


This morning, two major news platforms reported on the latest developments in the Daniel Santulli hazing story: Good Morning America and Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.

Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Nancy Grace, legendary TV journalist and legal commentator, interviewed David about what happened to Daniel and how students at the University of Missouri have responded. She also dives deep into what Danny’s treatment says about American youth culture, and why it’s vital for prosecutors to use anti-hazing statutes in situations like these.

David, introduced as “America’s leading hazing lawyer,” talked about how Phi Gamma Delta was sanctioned less than two weeks before Danny Santulli’s poisoning. That means they would have started planning the event that would change Danny’s life almost immediately after receiving their sanctions.

Listen to the whole report here (David appears at 15:42):

Good Morning America

A few hours before Nancy Grace’s interview with David, Good Morning America aired an emotional segment with the David and the Santulli family to discuss the surveillance footage and police report from the night of Danny’s hospitalization. Good Morning America aired some of the surveillance footage, which showed fraternity members leading half-dressed pledges blindfolded down to the basement of the fraternity house. There was also footage of a fraternity brother discovering an unresponsive Danny, as well as fraternity brothers dropping Danny on his head as they carried him out to the car.

No one called 911.

In one sobering moment, Danny’s sister—also a Mizzou student—talks about seeing her brother’s wrongdoers walking around campus after they hazed her brother as though nothing had happened. Prosecutors have filed charges against only one fraternity member, but not a single fraternity member has been charged with hazing.

Watch the segment on the ABC News site.