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Stephen Cain Representing Family of Bystander Killed in Police Chase

22-year-old Shereka Oriscar, a local nursing student, died early last Friday in a violent car crash. She was struck by 21-year-old Shammoni Alexandre-Little, who was fleeing the police and had run a red light when she struck Shereka. She is survived by her sister, Roselande Auguste, and her family.

"When I asked the police I said tell me it's not true, my sister is not dead. Then they showed me my sister's picture, and they said I'm sorry she is," Auguste said. Shereka was employed at Amazon and working her way through nursing school. Her family says that she was only weeks away from becoming a nurse.

Alexandre-Little was driving without a valid license and had seven license suspensions on her record, including one from last month. North Bay Village Police had attempted to pull her over for speeding when she fled and hit Shereka. North Bay Village Police say they have a no-pursuit policy and were not chasing Alexandre-Little. Alexandre-Little survived the crash with severe injuries and is currently recovering at Ryder Trauma Center.

Getting Justice for Shereka

Our firm's investigation into this tragic accident questions why this woman was able to drive in the first place. "It was just a gut punch to this family. We want to try and find out why. Why was this lady out on the street? Where was she coming from? What had she been doing?" said Attorney Stephen Cain.

Our firm is serving as co-counsel to Shereka's family alongside Marc Brumer of Brumer & Brumer PA. Both firms are committed to getting justice for Shereka and helping her family hold all at-fault parties responsible.

For more information, read local news coverage of the accident:

Oriscar's family cannot afford funeral expenses and has started a GoFundMe to help cover the cost of her burial. If you would like to donate, please visit it here.