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David Bianchi & Daniel Santulli’s Family to Appear on Dr. Phil


This week, David Bianchi and the Santulli family taped an entire one hour program with Dr. Phil discussing the Daniel Santulli hazing case as well as a potentially very harmful new development within the fraternity community. While the segment has yet to air, the producers have allowed us to share part of the segment where David discusses just some of the issues everyone should be concerned with.

“Some fraternity chapters are now pushing back against regulation from the universities,” David tells Dr. Phil in the clip. “And they’re saying we don’t want your oversight, we don’t want your regulations. They’re voting, as they’ve done at USC, to remove themselves from the umbrella of the university, to disassociate themselves from the Interfraternity Council, to move out of their chapter house so that they can get a chapter house off campus and do whatever they want without any regulation whatsoever from the university.”

In the clip, David references a recent story where eight USC fraternities severed ties with the university to be free from ‘unfair’ university policies. USC fraternities have recently come under fire for alleged rape, sexual assault, and hazing taking place at their events or as a result of membership activities. The fraternities deny that their decision to disaffiliate had anything to do with the new social policies, but many people don’t believe them.

“If that movement catches on, you’re going to have more injury and death because they’re not going to be controlled by any rules or regulations from the universities. That’s a dangerous and bad thing,” David said.

Tune in to the Dr. Phil show on September 12 to see the entire program with David discussing what every family should be focused on as their kids go off to college.