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STFBC Congratulates Julia Bianchi for Appointment to Board of Directors of National Women’s History Museum


Our firm is thrilled to announce that Julia Bianchi, friend of the firm and Partner David Bianchi's wife, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the National Women's History Museum. Her role on the board will be to help it fulfill its mission: provide strategic leadership to build a women's history museum that allows people to contribute to and discover women's stories, where contemporary discussion is put into a historical context.

"We are pleased to have Julia join our board at this exciting time in our evolution,” said NWHM Board Chair Susan Whiting. “Her unique background and experience make her an asset to the board and the Museum as a whole. She has a firm commitment to helping us to build our movement to honor women in a women’s history museum that will be an enduring inspiration for future generations.”

The NWHM Board of Directors couldn't have made a better choice; as a key figure in our community, Julia is at the forefront of numerous important causes. Julia is COO of Blue Chip Kids, an organization that promotes financial literacy awareness. She's also a regular volunteer for causes that promote a stronger, healthier community for women, children, and at-risk households. Julia also serves as the Board Chair for the American Red Cross of Greater Miami & The Keys and helped found the American Red Cross Tiffany Circle Society of Women Leaders. She served as a National Co-Chair for the Tiffany Circle Society from 2009 to 2011, helping raise $110 million for the Red Cross.

As a philanthropist, thought leader, and highly-effective fundraiser, we have no doubt that Julia Bianchi will help reshape the conversation about the momentous roles women have played throughout history.

“I am honored to accept this Board position and eager to be an advocate and fundraiser for a museum that will document, showcase and celebrate the tremendous and important contributions women have made throughout the history of our great country," Julia said.