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STFBC Family Helping Red Cross Raise Funds for Florence Relief


With 90 mph wind and heavy rains, Hurricane Florence has already flooded entire communities and left thousands without power. The storm will impact North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states along the Eastern Seaboard with storm surges as high as 11 feet and up to 40 inches of rain. Last Thursday, more than 20,000 people fled to Red Cross and community shelters in South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Maryland—14,000 people in North Carolina alone.

If you already know you want to help, donate to the Red Cross efforts here:

The Red Cross is mobilizing 100,000 ready-to-eat meals and beds for 42,000 people while working with 100 emergency response vehicles and 120 trailers of equipment. Various shelters have already served 47,000 meals and snacks in North and South Carolina. All evacuation centers are also ready to become emergency shelters if residents cannot return home after the storm passes. It is a massive effort, but it needs help.

Serving Hurricane Survivors as Hurricane Survivors

Our very own Attorney Dax Bello is a Board Member for the Red Cross along with Attorney David Bianchi's wife who serves as the chair for the Greater Miami & the Keys Chapter. As Miami residents, we know our neighbors have barely recovered from Hurricane Irma last year. All of us know how deep and long-lasting the impact of a hurricane can be—which is why we’re asking our friends and visitors to donate to the Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

At twice the size of Louisiana, Hurricane Florence is going to throw the lives of thousands into disarray. Our donations could help countless people rebuild their lives just a little bit faster and make the recovery process just a little bit easier. It may not seem like much to us, but for those in trouble, it could mean more than we’ll ever know. Please consider helping!

Donate at the link here: