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$15.5 Million Recovered in Medical Malpractice Cases


The Miami medical malpractice attorneys at Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A. have recently resolved four injury cases for a cumulative recovery total of more than $15 million. This is made up of four individual settlements, with the highest recovery amount being $10 million for one client. All four cases have one major thing in common: the clients were each the victim of serious medical malpractice. From permanent blindness to an untimely death, these malpractice settlements were reached for clients dealing with unimaginable circumstances. Investigations for each of these clients required extensive research, documentation, and hours of dedicated time. Our team is proud of the results we were able to achieve on our clients’ behalves.

$3 Million Settlement Achieved in Failure to Diagnose Case

In one case, we represented a man who’d been admitted to a local hospital after complaining of shortness of breath. Despite these complaints, the hospital discharged him after several days without pursuing the proper number of tests. Not long after, he died due to complications from the pulmonary embolism that the hospital had failed to diagnose. We were successful in negotiating a $3 million settlement on behalf of his family. This settlement was achieved within 13 months of the patient’s death.

$650,000 Recovered in Case Involving Pediatric Ophthalmologist

In another, we recovered $650,000 on behalf of the family of a 4-year-old boy who had received several eye surgeries during his infancy. However, the doctor failed to recognize that the young boy was suffering retinal detachment. By the time it was realized, it was too late to intervene. Our client went blind in one eye.

Our Lawyers Are Passionate About the Pursuit of Justice

At STFBC, our legal team is qualified to take on complex medical malpractice claims throughout Florida. From wrongful deaths to eye injury and hip replacement claims, our attorney team will always look to hold medical practitioners responsible for their negligence. Our firm will always stand for those who have been injured or who have lost someone dear to them, and we will always do our best to get our clients the relief they deserve.

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