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Help the Red Cross Contribute to Harvey Recovery Efforts


While the need for emergency service in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is no longer needed, the Red Cross is gearing up for the long-term recovery efforts in South Texas and the greater Houston area. As federal organizations step in to provide housing solutions, the Red Cross is changing their focus from food and relief supplies to financial assistance in the rebuilding effort.

In total, the Red Cross has authorized the disbursement of $190 million to 477,000 families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Much of this money will go toward paying for home repair or the purchase of new housing. As many as 134,500 homes were damaged in the greater Houston area, with many areas of Rockport and other coastal cities practically wiped clean by 130+ mph winds.

Because Houston has one of the largest populations of people at risk financially, Hurricane Harvey left thousands with damaged homes they cannot afford to repair. Houses in disrepair lead to lower property values, neglected neighborhoods, and fewer services—ultimately making the region even more vulnerable to future disaster.

Financial Relief Powered by Donations

The Red Cross’ financial relief was made possible by volunteers and generous donors—many of whom gave $5 of $10 gifts. These donations make an enormous difference when it comes to the relief efforts. Thanks to additional gifts after the $190 million commitment, the Red Cross plans on giving further financial relief to families in need.

Damage and risk management experts estimate that there might be up to $190 billion in damages caused by Hurricane Harvey. While the relief provided by Red Cross donations have made a huge impact, there’s much work to be done. Today, consider making a small donation toward the Red Cross’ long-term recovery efforts. Your donations are helping families rebuild their future and reclaim their lives.

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Hurricane Harvey Victims