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Red Cross Shifts from Shelter Aid to Recovery Plans for Irma Victims


Hurricane Irma swept through Florida, Georgia, and other states, knocking out power for millions and necessitating the creation of emergency shelters. As part of the emergency relief and recovery efforts, the Red Cross has provided over 648,000 overnight stays, served over 1.5 million meals and snacks, provided over 1 million supplies, and put victims in contact with medical services across six states.

However, the needs on the ground have changed. Thankfully, fewer people have required overnight stays in shelters, but now families are looking to the Red Cross for long-term help. The Red Cross has responded by providing financial relief to families in need. Financial relief is made possible by donations from millions of donors around the United States, whose (seemingly) small donations have a huge impact.

Donations Provide for Long-Term Help

In addition to financial help, the Red Cross is providing families affected by Hurricane Irma with recovery planning. Each family’s recovery effort will include paying for home repair, medical treatment, and lost wages—the recovery will take focused effort for months or years before families fully get on their feet. The Red Cross is equipping people with the services and contacts they’ll need to rebuild their lives.

The disaster relief organization will be providing information, resources, and financial help for years to come. If you want to help contribute to the efforts, you can instantly donate using the button below. Small gifts make a big impact—consider giving a small donation to help with the ongoing Hurricane Irma efforts.

Donate now using the button below.

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