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Olympus will pay $310M to settle civil claims by the Federal Government

Under the federal False Claim Acts, whistleblowers who file suit on behalf of the federal government, showing that taxpayers are being ripped off, are entitled to a percentage of the money recovered. In a settlement announced this week, Olympus – a company that makes endoscopes used to examine the digestive tract - will pay $310 million to settle civil claims by the federal government. Mr. Slowik, a long time employee of the company who alerted the government to the corporate cheating and fraud, will receive $51 million — one of the largest whistleblower awards in history. The total settlement is the largest amount ever paid by a medical device company and the largest for violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute, which covers medical purchases paid for by federal health care programs like Medicare. If you know of a company that is ripping off the federal government or any of its medical programs, contact us today. We can help you. We are working on claims like these now.