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Tip of the Day

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Trying any significant personal injury case these days requires hundreds if not thousands of hours of work and lots of careful planning. To make sure you have given your client every possible chance of victory there are all sorts of companies that, for a significant fee, will conduct a mock trial, a focus group, polling of key issues in the community, demographic analyses, jury selection advice, trial exhibit preparation and on and on. The challenge is balancing the investment of time and money against the expected recovery to make sure you do not over invest in the case. These are not easy decisions to make and deciding what to do is more of an educated judgment developed as a result of decades of experience. At our firm, we are constantly analyzing what we can do to maximize the client’s recovery and thinking about every strategic advantage we can come up with to assure the best result. It is a different world today and staying on the cutting edge is imperative if you want to win. What can STFBC do for you?