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Carnival Cruise Negligence Turns Into Tragedy

A Carnival cruise ship

In August 2014 a woman, who was on a Carnival cruise in the Virgin Islands, inquired about a snorkeling excursion that Carnival and CSE - the shore side company that runs the snorkeling trips - were promoting onboard the ship. Carnival was told that the woman was not a good swimmer but she was assured by the companies that she would be fine and it was safe for her despite her limited abilities and her advanced age. A few hours later she was dead, floating face down in the water. An autopsy determined that she drowned. We are representing the woman’s husband and adult son and made a claim for their emotional distress caused by her death. CSE asked the federal court to strike these claims which can often produce very large jury awards. Yesterday, in a very well reasoned 12 page opinion that includes references to Moby Dick, the court denied the motion to strike and found that the claims are appropriate. It is now full-speed ahead with this case. We will do everything in our power to see that our clients are compensated for this terrible tragedy.