Law Firm Overview

Meet Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A.

Most of our cases are catastrophic injuries or wrongful deaths. There is an enormous responsibility to move their cases forward in a way that makes their lives better. We take that responsibility very seriously and we do not settle for second best. When we take on a case, we’re all signing off on commitment to the clients and the case. We have a very small case load and we do that by choice because we feel in order to adequately represent clients we need to keep that low volume so that every case gets the attention it deserves. Our philosophy is to handle every case as though it was the only case that we have. We treat every client as though that person is a member of our family, and we prepare cases with that feeling in mind. Every case that we take, we take with the assumption that the case will be tried to a jury. Now we know that 90 plus percent of the cases settle, but our cases settle because people on the other side of our cases know that we take cases not to settle them but to try them, and when you are preparing cases to try, what that does inevitably is to lead to higher settlement value. There is so many good people, that have so many bad things happen to them, and they don’t know where to turn and we’ve learned over the years that there is so many things that we can do to truly transform the lives of these people that desperately need our help. It’s very, very gratifying after getting to know these families, to spend all sorts of time with them, making a real difference in their lives because these are good people, who have suffered terribly, and they need somebody to help them, and that’s what we do.