Birth Injury

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Birth Injury cases are the most difficult of all. It’s very difficult to know why a baby brain gets injured. There are all sorts of things that cause it, and in your typical case what will happens is the defense will list 5 or 6 different things that could have causes the brain damage. And our job as trial lawyers is to show the jury that the thing that produced the damage was bad medical care usually during labor and delivery.

The challenge in these cases is to focus the jury’s attention on the events that caused the brain damage and typically there is some issue about Obstetrical care. Did the Obstetrician do a proper job? Often times after we review these records we find that he / she did not, and so we have to find Obstetrical witnesses who will testify. Obstetricians hate to testify against each other, they loath it.

So one of the challenges is to find competent, consciences, persuasive Obstetricians who will come to court and tell a jury this is what happened. This is why this baby’s brain was injured. Fortunately for us having done it for 40 years, we have got a group of experts who will, in the appropriate case, and criticize care that deserves to be criticized.