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Development in Santulli Case: Delanty Pleads Guilty

Ryan Delanty, a central figure in the tragic Danny Santulli hazing incident, has pled guilty to misdemeanor charges of hazing and supplying alcohol to a minor. This legal development altered the course of charges initially filed as felonies. According to court documents, Delanty, identified as the "pledge dad," played a pivotal role in the 2021 event that resulted in significant disabilities for Danny Santulli.

David Bianchi, representing the Santulli family, detailed Delanty’s role: “As the pledge dad, he is the one who provided the alcohol to Danny. He’s the one who passed on the family bottle to Danny. He’s the one who told Danny that, pursuant to the tradition of his branch of the family, he had to consume all the alcohol in the bottle. So, Ryan Deltanty was one of the main actors in this terrible outcome for Danny.”

Delanty will serve two consecutive six-month sentences—one in jail and the other under home detention. This spares him from a potentially harsher felony sentence while ensuring he faces significant penalties.

"This is the first time Ryan Delanty has ever stepped up and admitted he's guilty of hazing and supplying alcohol to a minor,” Bianchi remarked. "At least he's finally admitting it. He deserves to be held accountable. This is a step in the right direction." Bianchi views Delanty's admission as a crucial step toward accountability and a clear signal to others involved in the case. He believes this case could serve as a crucial benchmark for hazing law enforcement and fraternity accountability.

"Nothing good comes from dragging this out and delaying justice.”

Sentencing & Victim Impact Statements

Delanty's sentencing is scheduled for May 24, which is anticipated to be a critical moment, with victim impact statements expected to illustrate the severe consequences of his actions. These statements will provide the court with detailed insights into the lasting impact of the hazing on Santulli and his family.

As proceedings against other defendants proceed, the outcomes will likely impact fraternity culture and hazing legislation. Bianchi anticipates that the severity of Santulli's injuries and the legal outcomes will encourage significant changes in the handling of hazing incidents, both legally and culturally.

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