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STFBC Files Suit Against Hospital for Newborn Brain Injury

In a heartrending turn of events, a joyous occasion transformed into a lifelong tragedy for one family. Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A. has taken on the case of a catastrophic birth injury that occurred in a North Carolina hospital.

A Day of Joy Turns to a Lifetime of Challenges

Our clients, ready to welcome their new child, were met with a grave medical failure at a moment that should have been their happiest. During delivery, when the mother’s labor ceased progressing, the attending physician opted for a vacuum-assisted delivery. Regrettably, this procedure was not only conducted improperly but was also excessively prolonged, leading to a severe brain bleed.

This devastating medical error resulted in permanent brain injury to the newborn, altering the course of a young life before it had truly begun.

The consequences of this preventable medical outcome are profound. Our clients’ child, now facing a future of continuous care and specialized needs, will bear the brunt of this injury for a lifetime. In response, Stephen Cain and Michael Levine filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina hospital. Our mission is clear: secure every necessary resource to ensure this child can live the best possible life under difficult circumstances.

The Inexcusable Reality of Birth Injuries

A birth injury represents every parent’s worst fear. It is a dire breach of trust when medical professionals, tasked with the sacred duty of safely ushering new life into the world, fail so fundamentally. The negligence demonstrated in this case is inexcusable and demands the hospital take responsibility for its policies and staff. Through this lawsuit, STFBC aims not only to secure a just outcome for this family but also to underscore the critical importance of accountability in healthcare.

No family should ever have to endure what our clients have suffered, and this suit is a step toward ensuring that such tragedies are prevented in the future.