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Lawsuit Filed Against Another Fraternity Brother in Santulli Case

On Thursday, September 1, another lawsuit was brought forth in the hazing case involving Daniel Santulli. This time, the lawsuit is brought against Harrison Reichman—another fraternity brother involved in the night that left our client blind, unable to speak, and wheelchair-bound.

Attorney David Bianchi spoke with FOX 2 St. Louis about this latest update:

Reichman’s Involvement in the Night of Santulli’s Life-Altering Injuries

Reichman was one of the brothers there the evening that Danny was ordered to drink an entire liter of vodka. He was also the brother who picked Danny up off the couch and dropped him instead of saving him.

“What makes the lawsuit against Harrison Reichman different is that he is the one that picked up Danny from the couch when Danny was not breathing and was just on the brink of death,” said Bianchi. “Then, he held [him] upside-down, did not administer CPR, and then dropped him on his head.”

Those crucial moments could have made all the difference in Danny’s case. As could have the time after when the brothers chose to drive him to University Hospital in Columbia instead of calling 911. By the time they got there, hospital staff found Danny not breathing in the car and in cardiac arrest. After performing CPR and restarting Danny’s heart, he was taken to ICU and put on a ventilator. That ventilator was removed several days later, and while he could breathe independently without assistance, he was unresponsive.

“Had Danny been properly cared for at that moment that Mr. Reichman got involved, either he would have not suffered brain damage because they could have oxygenated him, or it would have been minimized,” said Bianchi. “But instead of all of that, precious time was wasted and the injury to him was compounded by dropping him on his head.”

Demanding Justice for the Santulli Family

This latest lawsuit is just the latest in steps that our hazing law firm has taken on behalf of the Santulli family. What happened to Santulli is tragic—and should not be accepted or allowed to continue. The wrongdoers should be held accountable. Our client deserves justice. “His medical bills are just astronomical,” said Bianchi. “We’re not even one year from when this happened, and his medical bills already exceed $2 million.”

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