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Dax Bello Comments on Capitol Riots in the Daily Business Review


The Daily Business Review recently reported that U.S. Attorney Ariana Fajardo Orshan declared her intent to prosecute any South Florida residents who participated in the Capitol attack last Wednesday. Orshan, a Trump appointee, called the event that killed five people "an intolerable attack on our democracy."

DBR then reached out to other Florida law leaders for their comment on the Capitol events. One of those leaders was our own Dax Bello, who spoke in his capacity as President of the Cuban American Bar Association. In his comment, Dax urged Americans to learn from other nations' history to avoid making the same mistakes.

"[Wednesday's events] were reminiscent of those tactics utilized by authoritarian regimes: deception, inciteful propaganda, coercion, and violence," he said. "These are the tools of tyranny, used by dictators to maintain power and eliminate self-government, and they have no place in a nation where free and fair multi-party elections and the peaceful transition of power are the very defining factors which have brought so many to our shores."

Dax recognized that, as the head of an organization with roots in an exiled community, CABA could not be silent regarding "anti-democratic sentiment and violent, seditious conduct."

The full statement can be read here.