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STFBC Suing Hospital After Patient Killed Motorist Upon Release


Edward Milo was released from Mount Sinai Medical Center on August 16 just hours after police found him incoherent in the middle of the street. Immediately upon release, he attempted to hijack a vehicle on hospital property.

His would-be victim was fortunate to have her doors locked and drove away, but not before alerting hospital security. Several hospital security guards approached Milo but did not detain him. Surveillance footage shows that security approached him multiple times, but instead of calling the police or restraining the patient themselves, they allowed him to continue roaming the property. Twenty minutes after the attempted carjacking, the inevitable happened—Mr. Milo carjacked an Uber, sped away, and minutes later killed a 25-year-old motorcyclist named Ivy Ni.

ABC 10 reported on Milo’s arrest by Miami Beach Police and subsequent discharge by Mount Sinai, getting ahold of police bodycam footage of Milo’s arrest recorded just 10 hours before the hospital released Milo from their care.

“Up to 4 security officers made contact with this young man and engaged in several conversations with him in the course of 4 to 5 minutes,” Michael Levine said to ABC 10. “But they never bothered to call police.”

STFBC Holding Mount Sinai Medical Center Accountable

Attorneys Michael Levine, Stephen Cain, and Dax Bello of Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain filed a lawsuit against Mount Sinai Medical Center today to hold the hospital accountable for its negligence. Now, a young woman is dead, her family robbed of a daughter and sister.

Our firm is representing the Ni family against the hospital. “They want to hold Mount Sinai accountable for their actions, which is what led Mr. Milo being able to hijack a vehicle,” Michael Levine told The Miami Herald. “Mr. Milo should have never been allowed to roam the property after he tried to hijack a car leaving the emergency department. It was only a matter of time before he successfully hijacked another vehicle and hurt someone,” added Stephen Cain.