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Trial Magazine Publishes Hazing Article Written by Attorneys David W. Bianchi & Michael Levine

Hazing Horrors Article in Trial Magazine

Every year, about 100,000 young men are initiated into fraternities as they look to settle into their new school. Some of these initiations spark controversy when reckless hazing traditions become deadly and steal the life of a young person teeming with potential. Hazing deaths have become a predictable part of the academic calendar through the nation’s universities, and Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain’s hazing injury and death attorneys are proud to have a record that positions them as leaders in the fight against the cruel initiation practices of fraternities. Now, we are proud to have an opportunity to share our experience with other lawyers.

Hazing Horrors

Attorneys David W. Bianchi and Michael Levine recently co-authored an article featured in the June 2019 issue of Trial®. In their piece, titled “Hazing Horrors,” they share what they have learned while fighting for the families of hazing victims. Our law firm has been a leader in advocating for accountability throughout the Greek university system, and we hope that this article provides valuable insight for other attorneys.

In the article, we provide legal theories and tips developed while working on significant hazing cases for the families of Chad Meredith and Andrew Coffey. Specifically, both attorneys share which individuals and groups lawyers should include in a civil suit and what evidence to look for to decide liability after an incident. Since fraternities are large organizations, knowing what parties to include in a suit can make a significant impact on the filing and discovery process. They also clarify which type of negligence should be claimed in hazing lawsuits.

We hope that this article will help lawyers throughout the nation obtain the justice that families deserve after suffering from hazing. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot, and we’d be honored if our lessons helped lawyers and local governments prevent these abusive traditions. While nothing can undo the harm caused by hazing, keeping reckless organizations accountable for their actions is the best way to prevent more suffering.

Click here to read the Hazing Horrors article in Trial magazine.