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Dax Bello Inducted as CABA Vice President in Firm-Sponsored Event


This past weekend, our very own Attorney Dax Bello was inducted into the 2019 Board of Directors for the Cuban American Bar Association as its Vice President for the second year in a row. The ceremony took place at the Cuban American Bar Association’s 45th Annual Installation Gala, which our firm was proud to sponsor. His involvement with CABA is well-documented as Mr. Bello has chaired nearly every committee in the organization. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2011, serving the organization and the Cuban-American community faithfully for nearly a decade.

Dax Bello has served as chair or co-chair of the following CABA committees:

  • Judicial
  • Legislative
  • CABA Briefs
  • Public Relations
  • Membership
  • Community Outreach
  • Rapid Response Committees
  • CABA on Cuba
  • Mentoring
  • Events
  • Young Lawyers
  • Membership
  • Pro Bono

As Vice President, Mr. Bello’s agenda includes fostering continued growth of the organization, increasing funds for scholarship programs, and increasing CABA’s pro-bono representation to the community. We look forward to seeing what our friend and colleague accomplishes as he takes on greater and greater responsibilities within the community.

About CABA

CABA was founded in 1974 by Cuban-American lawyers a non-profit voluntary bar association. The organization includes judges, lawyers, and law students, whose association builds stronger bonds between advocates and the judiciary. Members include people of all backgrounds who are concerned with issues affecting the Cuban community as well as issues affecting broader minority communities.

According to their site, CABA’s purpose is “serving the community to improve the legal profession through greater diversity and equality of opportunity throughout Florida.” One of their chief goals is providing equal access to representation for all minorities, including providing pro-bono services to indigent communities.

To learn more about this organization, we encourage you to visit their site here.