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STFBC Files Hazing Injury Lawsuit Against Alpha Epsilon Pi


This Wednesday, the Florida hazing attorneys at Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A. filed a lawsuit against Alpha Epsilon Pi for a fraternity hazing incident that occurred in April.

Our client, 20-year-old Nicholas Mauricio, was injured in an incident tied to a violent fraternity tradition. Several months ago, Nicholas was elected “Scumbag of the Week,” which meant that he was forced to be slapped in the face by each of his fraternity brothers.

Instead, he was punched so hard that he fell and fractured his skill. The impact also cracked a tooth and rendered him unconscious. His head injury led to multiple brain bleeds, requiring him to stay in the ICU at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital for 5 days. Fraternity brothers initially told the hospital that Nicholas had fallen down the stairs.

Long-Term Injury Due to Hazing

Since April, he has suffered numerous medical problems that have made it impossible for him to return to school. The brain bleeds created a “dead area” of his brain in a condition called “encephalomalacia.” Memory problems, migraines, and panic attacks are just a few of the side effects of encephalomalacia, which is permanent.

As a result of the incident, Florida State has suspended Alpha Epsilon Pi, although the Florida state attorney has stated that he will not be pursuing criminal charges against fraternity members. While suspension is a good first step, Nicholas deserves justice for the injuries and significant losses he has sustained. Without criminal charges, civil trial is the only avenue of justice available to our client. Our suit was filed in Leon County, FL against the fraternity and nine individuals who we believe are responsible for our client’s condition.

STFBC looks forward to helping our client get the care and long-term support he now needs as a result of Alpha Epsilon Pi’s practices. We look forward to holding the fraternity accountable to Nicholas for the harm they caused him.