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Coffey Family Appears on CBS to Discuss Their Son’s Memory

Coffey Family

Earlier today, the Coffey family, the Meredith family, and Attorney David Bianchi all appeared on CBS This Morning to discuss the hazing death of Andrew Coffey—and what the federal legislature must do in response.

“If people in the past had gotten together, maybe my son would still be here, if hazing wasn't a problem. So therefore, we have to yell as loud as we can in order to get this stopped," said Tom, Andrew’s father. Sadly, it took Andrew’s death (1 of 4 hazing deaths to occur last year) to finally push people to oppose hazing on a national scale.

Tom and Sandra Coffey, along with the Meredith family and more than a dozen other parents of fraternity hazing victims, are coming together to form PUSH—Parents United to Stop Hazing. PUSH’s goal is a federal statute against hazing, forcing accountability onto fraternities and colleges at a national level. It’s a goal that has our full support, as we will be fighting alongside the families to ensure justice for victims and prevention of further tragedy.

Ultimately, each parent hopes that PUSH never gains another member.

Watch the segment and learn more about PUSH, Andrew’s story, and what we’re doing to keep his spirit alive.