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STFBC Filing Suit Against Hospital for Fatal Fentanyl Dosage

Our firm was retained to represent the parents of a young man who died due to medical malpractice. The young man was in a car crash and called his mother from the scene to let her know what had happened. He was then taken to the hospital via ambulance. Unfortunately, given his condition, the hospital administered an unsafe amount of Fentanyl, and he died in the emergency room.

Per an expert trauma surgeon and ER nurse, his death was entirely preventable.

By now, we’re all familiar with the ravaging effect Fentanyl and other opioids are having on communities across the country. Opioids are also at the heart of many malpractice cases. Patients who have suffered trauma, undergone surgery, or are otherwise experiencing severe pain, are routinely administered opioids. These drugs—including morphine, Dilaudid, and Fentanyl—have significant risks and side effects. Often, we see patients left unmonitored; other times we see patients who are given improper doses based on their condition and other medications they are taking.

Medical Malpractice in the Context of Opioid Administration

Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional deviates from the accepted standard of care in treating a patient, resulting in their harm. In the context of opioid administration, this can take many forms. For example, a healthcare provider may administer an incorrect dose of an opioid such as Fentanyl, neglect to monitor a patient’s vital signs and condition after administration or fail to account for patient-specific factors such as other medications the patient is taking or their overall health status.

In this particular case, the young man tragically lost his life due to what our expert witnesses believe was a preventable overdose, an act that falls within the definition of medical malpractice.

STFBC’s Dedication to Representing Medical Malpractice Victims

Stewart Tilghman Fox Bianchi & Cain, P.A., is committed to seeking justice for victims of medical malpractice. Our goal is not just to hold negligent parties accountable but also to help bring about changes in the healthcare system that improve care. Our firm’s work on medical malpractice cases includes precedent-setting verdicts and settlements. These results come from our unwavering dedication to victims of medical malpractice. We fight tirelessly for our clients, driven by the belief that families should never suffer as a result of medical negligence. We look forward to holding this hospital accountable and hope that our work will prevent this from happening again.