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STFBC Launches Site Asking for Anonymous Tips in Tsialas Investigation


In our ongoing efforts to investigate the tragic death of Antonio Tsialas, our firm has launched a website to gather anonymous tips from anyone who might know what happened to Antonio the night he died. The site’s creation is a testament to our commitment to find out what happened to the son of John Tsialas and Flavia Tomasello.

Help Us Find Out How & Why Antonio Tsialas Died

Almost a year ago to the day, Antonio Tsialas attended an unsanctioned Phi Kappa Psi dirty rush event called “Christmas in October.” Despite being under disciplinary action and forbidden from holding any events, Phi Kappa Psi was able to host a large event with numerous pledges and a sorority in attendance without a check-up or intervention by campus officials or the Cornell Police Department.

Antonio was found dead later that weekend at the bottom of a gorge.

He was found with his wallet and the same clothes he wore the night of the party, but his cell phone was missing. Its last known location was the fraternity house. Witnesses at the party say they saw Antonio participating in the hazing tradition at the heart of the Phi Kappa Psi event: mandatory binge drinking in a series of themed rooms. The alcohol abuse led to numerous students becoming severely impaired and sick. To this day, no one at the event has told his parents how or why Antonio died.

In our quest to find out what happened to Antonio, we have set up a new website seeking tips about his actions and whereabouts after the hazing took place. The website is If you know of anything that might be helpful in determining what happened to Antonio, please go to the site and click on “Submit a Tip.” Tell us what you know, and we will investigate. If you’re willing, we also have an option for people to let us follow up with them. It’s entirely voluntary, and anyone who helps with our investigation will remain anonymous for as long as they wish.

If you can, share our anonymous tip site with anyone who might know something. Even if you don’t have a tip, sharing the site could bring us the vital piece of information we need to bring closure for Antonio’s parents. Thank you!