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David Bianchi Gives Presentation on Andrew’s Law at Florida Gulf Coast University

Continuing his tour of Florida campuses to spread awareness about Andrew’s Law, David Bianchi visited Florida Gulf Coast University on Tuesday night. There he held a presentation on Andrew’s Law, how students can benefit from Andrew’s Law, and other hazing-related topics. The presentation was a big success and very well received. Many of the students asked for photos with David, which they posted on their social media platforms.

Andrew’s Law Is a “Cutting Edge” Anti-Hazing Statute

Andrew’s Law has been regarded by experts as a “cutting-edge” anti-hazing law, particularly for offering immunity to the first student who calls emergency services on behalf of someone with a hazing-related injury (provided that the student cooperates with any subsequent police investigation into the hazing). It also provides immunity to any student who administers aid while waiting for help to arrive.

Andrew’s Law also makes event organizers criminally liable for hazing that takes place at their events, even if they are not present when the event took place. This new provision of the law was added to close a loophole that allowed fraternity officers to avoid criminal liability for hazing events that they planned but did not attend.

These additions to Florida’s anti-hazing statute are designed to discourage hazing as a practice among fraternity and sorority officers while incentivizing students to call for help as soon as possible.

Mr. Bianchi’s tour of Florida campuses is a key part of ensuring students know about Andrew’s Law. Florida students need to know that calling 911 can give them immunity from criminal prosecution and will help save the lives of hazing victims. Additionally, the more that fraternity officers understand that they will be criminal liable for planning a party where hazing takes place, the less likely it will be that such events will take place.

Our thanks to Florida Gulf Coast University for hosting us. Additionally, we’d like to give a special thanks to:

  • Julie Gleason, Assistant Dean and Director of the Office of Student Involvement
  • Lauren Strunk, Director of Prevention and Wellness
  • Myles Kittleson, Community Outreach and Prevention Officer