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David Bianchi Speaks About Hazing to Ransom Everglades Seniors

On April 29, David Bianchi and the parents of Antonio Tsialas made a virtual presentation to the senior class and faculty members at the Ransom Everglades school in Miami, where Antonio graduated last year. Their presentation discussed the dangers of hazing and how the students can protect themselves when they head off to college. Based upon the very positive comments that have come in today, the message seems to have resonated with everyone.

Antonio Tsialas’ death devastated the Ransom Everglades community. He was a well-loved student and athlete and was well known among the Class of 2020 as well as his own. The exact cause of his death is still under investigation.

Reaching Students with Hazing Education Before College Begins

Yesterday’s virtual town hall on the dangers of hazing could not have happened without the support of Penny Townsend, the Head of School at Ransom Everglades. Antonio was hardly a few months into his freshman year of college when he was subjected to hazing and alcohol abuse. Ms. Townsend, along with our firm and Antonio’s parents, recognized the necessity of educating students about hazing while they are still in high school. We thank her for hosting us and allowing us to speak to the senior class before they embark on their college journey in just a few months.

This presentation was obviously personal for Antonio’s parents and for the faculty and students who knew Antonio. It also struck close to home for Mr. Bianchi, whose son will be graduating from Ransom Everglades next month. As a RE parent himself, speaking to his son’s class about these issues was a privilege and an honor.

Our firm looks forward to what the Class of 2020 will accomplish. We hope that when they go off to college they will stay safe and remember what they learned last night about how to avoid becoming a hazing victim.