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UCF Fraternities Accused of Alcohol & Drug Violations

the University of Central Florida has suspended one fraternity and is investigating another

Two different fraternities at the University of Central Florida were accused of misconduct and substance violations related to hazing. Both fraternities were accused of subjecting pledges to alcohol or drug abuse in order to join their fraternities, which is a violation of Florida’s anti-hazing statute.

A Sigma Chi chapter was accused of drug violations in a report describing a hazing ritual involving cocaine. The document states that a pledge was ordered to do cocaine while blindfolded as part of his initiation to the fraternity. The young man was also allegedly forced to stay at the house from 21 October to 27 October, receiving membership shortly after taking the drugs.

The incident report doesn’t reveal how the allegation was received or who made it. Sigma Chi President Brian Wells has not made a statement on the matter, saying that the fraternity has yet to receive the incident report.

Hazing with Alcohol Leads to Fraternity Sanctions

During the same semester, UCF found Delta Upsilon committed a number of hazing violations including subjecting pledges to substance abuse. As of November 25, the fraternity is on organization disciplinary suspension, which means the fraternity has been stripped of recognition and registration through the 2020 academic year. They will be barred from hosting or participating in any events, on or off campus.

The hazing accusations against Delta Upsilon were made by a pledge and his mother, who called the UCF anti-hazing hotline. The pledge reported that he and five other young men were told to drink an entire handle of liquor and record themselves as proof.

Executive members of the fraternity will be called into one-on-one meetings with the Office of Student Conduct to discuss the results of the hearing and the next steps for the fraternity. The executive members must do so by May 1, 2020.